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Thank you so much for visiting my new website. This has been a wild six months so far, most of which were spent behind the scenes busting my butt, as often as I could find the time. There are a few people I have to take a moment to thank, because without their encouragement and support, I'm not sure I would even be on this journey....

To my sister, Keri, who, upon seeing a hedge hog piece that I made for a dear friend, told me "OMG STACEY! YOU NEED TO SHARE THESE WITH THE WORLD," and has always been one of my biggest fans and loudest, most enthusiastic cheerleaders: THANK YOU. I love you for believing in me, rooting me on, and seeing something special in what I do. I love spit balling new ideas with you and so love that I have you to go through life as creative thinkers together. 

To my friends, Angela and Jackie, who are the proud owners of some of my work and who've always believed in me and said so, often: Thank you for knowing and showing me the true meaning of friendship. Your loyalty inspires and humbles me. 

To my Mom, who shares in all of my excitement and is proud the way only a mother can be: Thank you!!! To my Dad, who is no longer with us, but who's wisdom, clarity, and willfulness continue to show me the way: thank you for being who you were; it's the reason I am always reaching higher. 

To my friend Leigh, who was my first commission and sale: You have no idea how much your kind words and support have meant to me. That you reached out and asked me to make a piece just for you was a pivotal moment for me and helped me believe in my work and take my craft seriously. Thank you. 

To my friend Annie, who bought one of my favorite pieces that I ever made (sapphire hummingbirds): I'll never forget your words after you saw one of the first tissue paper pieces I made- "I think you're on to something here." Those words helped fuel the fire that has kept me focused and working hard. Thank you. 

To Liz Libre. A real life artist-angel in human disguise, who not only responded to someone she had never met and didn't need to give the time of day to, but did so with powerful words that meant everything to this stay at home mom who was trying to take herself seriously as an artist: "Your work is so so gorgeous. Everyone is going to love it!" These words, and so many of the other thoughts and insights you've shared with me, will forever be a place I return to when I'm rattled by self-doubt and in need of reassurance. Thank you for loving my work and telling me so. 

Last but not even remotely least, my husband Doug, who selflessly supports me and encourages me in what ever I pursue. I get to do what I love because of you.  Thank you. And my boys, Boden and Cody: your very existence is the single most influential reason I returned to art. Becoming your mom opened my mind to how rich life can be. You've given me the confidence and drive to pursue my passion. I cannot wait to return the favor. I love you both with all of my being. 

Thanks for reading. 

Stacey Elaine

Stacey Schneider